samedi 21 janvier 2012

Work in progress

I'm working on my mech Imperial guard today and i tought to let you see the progress, note that only the base coat and a few scrath detail are done, the rest, shading and detail  going to be this week.

only 2 color camo i think its enought, Comment if i'm wrong.

I burn the plastic to simulated a power claw mark

a melta hit that i should color orange and yellow, to make a metal fusion look likeits just happen

I will drop shadow in the scrath to give more deep

With dirt on the and shadow on the rolling part, i should have a stunning look.

Thank for watching, comment ill like to follow people who comment too

14 commentaires:

  1. They're looking really good, I like the last pic.

  2. that looks awesome. good work man!

  3. Why would an Imperial tank be hit with a power claw? I don't think a Space Marine would purposely do that and if a Chaos Marine was attacking that tank nothing should be left.

    At least, that's how I'd see it.

  4. Wow you did a amazing job on the tracks. Sick stuff!

  5. I used to be so hooked, assembling and painting these!

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