samedi 7 janvier 2012

World eater VS Eldar test game

    Last night i got the chance to try the army list i post earlier again the eldar army of my friend. A battle mission call, black crusade. A really interesting fight where all scoring unit can re-enter the fight after being kill and where you count kill to score point.

  Turn1, the Eldar had 2 wright lord, 5 wright guard 2 skimer for transport and other troop that i don't botter since they don't affraid my world eater at all. I start by moving back my rhino to avoid fire rain and let him aproch so i could start an assault and gain furious charge (+1initiative and +1 strenght) on him the next turn. 
wright lord ... he deserve respect.

 Turn 2, i speed my rhino to the weakess spot of the ennemy on the map and btw avoiding its wright guard. i deep strike my terminator to start the job with a few gun shot while my oblitarator scater right in the midle in the no man land .... result a 2 lost for me real quick.

   Turn 3, only one oblitarator could embark in the game get a laser canon not worth it and die again on the same turn, damm you obliterator!!! by then my termiantor deal 2 wound out of  3 on the wright lord before getting wipe under bad saving roll (4 roll of 1) my berserker with plasma pistol just take out the last wound. so 3-1 for the Eldar.

   Turn 4: 2 obliterators enter and get a quick shot of plasma canon ( blast of str7 ap2) strait on its wright guard leaving only 1/5 alive. terminator just walk the rest of the game. while one troops of berserker wipe a useless troop of eldar. while the eldar just get his wright lord in game put a skimmer in front of his last wright guard, he couln't get a kill this turn score still 3-1 eldar.

     Turn 5 :the  possible final round (since a roll dice can add a turn) I feel like i'm a way behind to enter the final of this game. Hahaha since no more warlock was on the wright guard squad and he roll a one (mean he can't move this turn) he couldn't enter in the skimmer tio leave the scene and throw away my easy killing point, this way i could assault the last wright guard, 3-2 ,the other rhino focus their assault on the jet biker while the oblitarator made a succesfull blast of plasma canon right before the beserker could assault i got my point here 3-3. while my other squad of berserker re-enter the rhino to focus on the new wright lord that just enter the table. But i defenetly know that this squad was probably running into a suicide mission. the assault finish with 2 wound out of  3 and a new squad of wright guard on my ass ... better forget about this unit now, their are lost but at least a chance to finish this game with a tie.

    Turn 6 : Ho an other turn, but what a surprise, the 7 berserker survive the fight again the wright lord and the 5 wright guard !but i was enable to make a wound. by this time he put his jet bike on the small mountain to get a clear shot on my obliterators he got one down 4-3 one of my rhino try to get as close as possible of the jet biker having a small chance of getting them in assalt next turn if an extra turn is possible.

   Turn 7: Bou-yaaaaAAa ! i got my chance, but the unit on the jet biker coulnd get to them with enough strengh to wipe this squad of biker. but surprise ... sad story of bad rolling for the eldar ... my 3 berserker left on the wright lord got a hit with his powerfist. 4-4  

     Again a friendly tight game finish in a cheerfull handshake with smile on our face and the feeling our both army is ready for the league next week =)

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